About Althaea

Althaea 100% Organic Castor Oil – Certified Pure Cold Pressed & Hexane free – Make Stronger Your Hair, Eyelashes, Eyebrows – Pipette, 5 Brushes and 5 Tassels

About the product

  • Castor Oil is 100% NATURAL PRODUCT, popular all over the world. It is widely used to improve the state of hair, eyelashes, brows, and beard and general skin condition.
  • Nourishes and saturates hair, contributes to the growth of healthy hair, strengthens and prevents from hair loss. It is also a good means against exfoliation, soothes and moisturizes skin.
  • Cold pressed castor oil by Althaea contains Omega-6 acids, enriched with Vitamin E and other minerals, which are very important for the heath of hair follicles and skin.
  • This hexane free castor oil can be used not only for eyelashes and brows, but also can be added into various healthy facial and body masks, and used for healing small wounds and scratches.
  • In a set, you get 5 brushes and tassels for oil laying on eyelashes and brows. It is as easy as to use lash mascara. For convenient adding of organic castor oil into the masks, you’ll also get a pipette.

Product description

Castor oil is made of the seeds of a plant, called Оleum Ricini (palma Christi) by means of cold pressing.

Organic Castor Oil by Althaea is produced by means of only this method, which allows preserving all useful characteristics of this oil. A complex of Omega-6 acids and vitamins is added into its composition, including vitamin E, which contributes to skin recovery, prevents from dryness and exfoliation, and saturates the whole body.

This hexane free Oil has nice thick consistence and golden shade. It is easy to use in pure form and as a component of various moisturizing and rejuvenating masks.

Unique options of using Castor Oil

– Certified organic castor oil by Althaea, first of all, is meant for strengthening and growth of eyelashes and brows. That is why we included in a set 5 brushes and 5 tassels for comfortable oil laying. Potent castor oil is put onto the eyelashes in the same way as mascara.

Before usage, you should remove make up for sure!

– You can also add natural oil with the help of a pipette inside a flask into the prepared masks. Only several drops – and your hair and skin will get necessary amount of nourishing vitamins and minerals.
– Sometimes castor oil is ingested, however, you should consult your therapist in advance.
Buying organic castor oil by Althaea on Amazon, you get:
– 30 ml (1 oz) of high-quality castor oil;
– 5 brushes for eyelashes;
– 5 tassels for brows and other areas.
Package size is 75*65*110 mm.
The product is totally safe.

Warning! Before usage you should test is you have an allergy to castor oil. For this purpose, you should put several drops of oil onto your skin above the wrist and wait for 5-10 minutes. If there are no redness, irritation and other unpleasant consequences, you can easily use castor oil for hair, eyelashes, eyebrows etc!